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Hear what some of our Clients think about In Shape Training's Services!

Sam Slater

Boston, MA

"I have been training with In Shape Training Founder Garrett Shepherd since 2008.  I would recommend training with Garrett to anyone.  He keeps me motivated and in shape.  He is the best trainer I have ever worked with!"


Amanda Cumberbatch

Amherst, MA

“In Shape Training has completely changed my body and because of it, so many doors have opened. Garrett takes his time to work on your specific nutritional and dietary needs in order to help you accomplish your goals. I have trusted Garrett and have followed his advice with great results.  I am living proof of his work and thanks to him and his knowledge I am now a National Level Figure competitor!”  


Brooklyn, NY

"I turned to Garrett and In Shape Training to help me attain my weight goal for my September 2012 wedding which was to lose 15 pounds while gaining absolute body strength. Through his tailored 12 week training routine and dietary regimen, I surpassed my goals beyond all expectations.  After about 5  weeks of following his training/diet program, I noticed material loss in fat tissue while also gaining 15-20% in strength across all muscle groups. The diet program proved highly effective: the week-by-week splits varied between protein, carbs and fat and total calories and were carefully customized according to my body composition and desired body weight. Garrett often followed up on my routine and diet regimen and never hesitated to make adjustments during periods where I felt that I had plateaued in weight reduction and/or continued strength gains. Aside from being just a nice guy and true gentleman, Garrett's deep fitness knowledge and experience coupled with his enthusiasm for overall health and well-being elevates him as one of the premier results-oriented personal training professionals in the industry."

Robin Weinberger
Boston, MA  

"In addition to preparing people for bodybuilding contests, Garrett is also a great Trainer for “ordinary folks” like me. He has created several work-out routines for me that incorporate both cardio and resistance training. The variety keeps it interesting as well as motivates me to keep going back to the gym. Also, Garrett has been a good listener and has customized the exercises to fit my lifestyle, age, etc."

More Testimonials Coming Soon...

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